Freehold Vs Share of Freehold

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If you are a home-owner, then it will be very likely that you also own the land your house is on. It’s hard to imagine that you wouldn’t own the property if you actually owned the house. However, when we look at multiple flats in a block, you can question who actually owns the land underneath, with many different people owning apartments in the building. Read More


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There are many expats from the UK, that still hold a passionate relationship with their home country, so there’s no wonder that expats buying property in the UK is on the rise. British passport holders who are living or working abroad are applicable to buy property, here we try explaining the process. Read More

Fundamentals of Bridging Loans

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Bridging loans can provide you with a short-term, fast and straightforward funding solution for your cash-flow requirements. No matter what your situation is, whether you are self-employed or not or even if you are embroiled in IVA’s, CCJ’s or bankruptcy – bridging can be a solution to help you in the short term.

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