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Do you want to increase the value of your property, without dipping into your savings?

In our great nation, we can take pride in the fact that we can own our own homes, there are multiple ways to get on the ladder, once on it through its instincts to improve our castles. Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes.

Here at Rainstone Financial Services, we think that wherever you go in the UK, you’ll find that we are a nation of home lovers and this is evident from the fact that we spend over £20 billion a year on home improvements & renovations.

Renovations and improvements can give your property a new lease of life; if you’re smart however you can add value to your property while carrying out the changes, certain improvements can add thousands of pounds to the amount of your property. In this blog, we will show you what improvements will add the most value, and we will also briefly try to advise you on how to fund the more significant projects.


A conservatory can cost anywhere between £2k – 8k, greenhouses don’t require planning as long, as the dimensions are kept within your local council’s guidelines. Each commission is slightly different, so it would serve you best to inquire about your local directions. If you have space and build a conservatory, you can increase your living area and thus increase the value of your property between 3-6%.  


The cost of the kitchen can vary, you could end up spending thousands or just a few hundred. Everything can change from the units all the way to appliances and white goods. I always find if a kitchen has a clean large work surface, cooker and sink, it doesn’t require a lot more. You should think about utilising the space most efficiently, and then maybe just a little colour. Depending on what type of appliances, fittings and fixtures you have, your kitchen can potentially boost your properties value up by 5 – 7%.


If you only have a 3-4-bedroom house and a bathroom on one of the floors you should really consider placing another bath on the floor that doesn’t have one, not only will it boost the value of the property, it will also make it more saleable to a broader market. Expect an increase of around 6%.


Adding an extra bedroom can mean that your house could become a 4-bed house instead of a 3-bed apartment and we know the difference of having a spare room. Nowadays building an en-suite bedroom is all the rage. Having a spare bedroom in the property means that the value of your property could increase by about 8%.

Loft Conversion

That waste of space in the roof can add an extra bedroom to your properties profile if your family is one that is still growing it can be an absolute godsend. Loft conversions can be expensive and require the standard planning permission from your local council. Expect to pay around £30k and upwards, and make sure you add a bathroom too. The increase your property could realise with a loft conversion could be a staggering 20%, which is well worth the high cost associated with it.

Want to use the equity in your home to fund your improvements?

There are certain ways you can raise some funds to accomplish your improvements if you’re in the right situation you could even save money from your mortgage payments and raise money. Maybe a re-mortgage is right for you, especially if you are at the end of your introductory rate. If remortgaging isn’t an option for you then perhaps getting a second charge mortgage is, with the low rates ‘at the moment’ lending has become ridiculously cheap.

Here at Rainstone Financial Services, we are independent brokers; our affiliation is with no one lender, our advice is based on your needs. Before we speak to any lenders will we fully understand your situation and based upon that we will secure the best possible products, at the best reasonable rates. We cover London & its surrounding areas – Southend, Chelmsford, Colchester, Walthamstow and more. 

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